LED Lighting

Waterproof outdoor LED strip lights or recessed downlights, installed in every second or third roof beam, offers the best ambience for verandas and glass rooms, particularly when operated by a dimmable driver and switch. They are best fitted at the same time as the veranda so the cabling can be recessed within the beams, but could also be retro fitted at a later date.


Our 2KW outdoor quartz halogen heater with aluminium case offers instant heat and low running costs. When mounted at a height of 2.3M it radiates heat to an area of approximately 9 square metres. Perfect coverage for the seating area of most verandas and glass rooms.


Composite decking is now the most popular type. It is widely manufactured from recycled plastic and wood chips, but the quality and guarantee does vary from one manufacturer to another, the best ones are usually guaranteed for 25 years against twisting, warping, staining and fading. The beauty of composite decking is that it is pretty much ‘fit and forget’ as it requires no annual treatment and does not expand and contract to the same extent as natural timber. We offer a range of composite decking to suit all budgets, but still install softwood or hardwood decks if preferred.


To offer a bit of privacy and protection from the elements, you may choose to enclose a side or the back of your veranda. This can be done with aluminium or uPVC tongue and grooved panels or with opaque polycarbonate sheet held within an aluminium frame.


If your veranda is built on a raised area it is likely that you will require a balustrade. To enclose this area we can offer framed or frameless contemporary glass styling or traditional timber balustrading.

Brackets & Splash Back

If you have a bungalow, or a house with a low soffit, brackets are made to measure so as the wall plate of the veranda can be located at a suitable height. A splash back can also be fitted to seal the gap between the gutter and the wall plate.


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