Glulam (laminated beams) is a natural alternative to using aluminium for the framework of your veranda. It is a product that has been around for decades, but only recently has been become financially viable to be used in the domestic marketplace. As far as we know, Amanda’s Verandas is the only company in the UK that offers this product for domestic verandas.

Glulam is made in the UK by gluing together, under pressure and heat, laminated sections of timber that have been accurately planed. The resulting product is strong, stable, corrosion proof, and can span large distances without the need for central supports. It can be stained during production in a choice of hundreds of colours and since it is a stable product (will not warp or bend) unlike natural oak or treated timber, it is ideal when a glass roof is required.

The sections can be constructed straight, or in curves and S’s and depending on the design, the rafters and beams are either screwed together or joined using recessed stainless steel fastenings. The support columns do not come in direct contact with the ground and are mounted on galvanised steel feet a few centimetres above ground level.

Unlike our aluminium verandas which have integrated gutters and drainage systems, Glulam verandas usually have pvc rainwater goods, or powder coated aluminium versions which can be colour coded to blend with the glazing bars and wood stain. The wood can be left ‘natural’ but if stained, the maintenance cycle is approximately every 6-8 years.

Since this is a totally bespoke product with every section manufactured to the specification of a structural engineer, the lead time from point of order to installation is around 8-10 weeks. The completed structure is guaranteed for 10 years, excluding the stain which is guaranteed for 5 years.



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